So you’ve decided to get a massage. You arrive at the spa full of excitement and expectation. At this point many people feel some trepidation that they may not enjoy themselves, that they’ve wasted their money or that they don’t know what to expect from the experience. Fear no more! The professionals at Camelot Spa will educate you and provide easy tip to ensure you get the best out of your massage.

Do Your Homework

The work begins before you even leave the comfort of your home. Start by researching spas in the area and pay especially close attention to their reviews. You can start by searching for something like “spa in Sandton” or even “spa near me” if you have the location on your computer or phone turned on. Look at a variety of sources, Google, Facebook and HelloPeter. Look specifically for reviews and comments related to massage. Arming yourself with this information, choose a well-reviewed spa where there have been a few comments praising the massages specifically.

Ask For The Right Massage Therapist

Now that you have chosen the spa, give them a call to make your appointment. When calling through to your spa of choice, don’t be shy to ask the receptionist which massage is the most popular choice before making a decision. Your next step is to request the name of the therapist who gives the best massages and ensure that you book with this therapist. At Camelot Spa, our most popular massage is our signature Camelot Universal Massage.

Plan Your Visit

Don’t forget to give the receptionist arranging your booking as much information as possible; if there are special touches you would like or you want the day to run a certain way, let the spa know.  Ask what facilities the spa has and familiarise yourself with the spa’s policies on these facilities as well as arrival time and cancellations. At Camelot Spa we always have a friendly staff member ready to take your call and walk you through the booking process.

Arrive For Your Massage on Time

The big day is here, and you’re excited for your massage. Just 5 more minutes in bed and you’ll be on your way. Oops! You’ve overslept and now you’re running late for your appointment! While many spas do understand that these things happen, it often makes it impossible to provide the amazing and relaxed experience you were looking forward to. Double-check your branch before you leave to ensure you’re going to the right place (we are only one Camelot spa in Sandton so it’s easy to get confused). By arriving 15 min before your treatment begins (or even a bit earlier) you give yourself the chance to enjoy the ambiance of the spa, partake in some tasty snacks and enjoy the facilities. At Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa Hotel and Spa, we have wonderful facilities that include a steam room an outdoor pool and a beautiful restaurant on site. If you do run late, remember to call the spa and let them know. They may be able to move your appointment time so that you don’t have to rush.

Speak Up During the Massage

Whether you’ve had a massage before and know what to expect or not, it is important to take charge of your comfort. The therapists will ask for your preference regarding the temperature of the room, the pressure you prefer and what areas on your body need more time or should be avoided altogether. Answering them honestly is the first step to getting the best out of your massage. The second step is to speak up when you feel uncomfortable or if the therapist can enhance the experience in any way. If you feel the light is too bright, you would like more pillows, the pressure is too hard or soft etc, tell the therapist immediately. The main reason that people don’t get the most out of their massage is that they are too shy to tell the therapists their preferences.

Give Feedback After Your Massage

The last step to ensuring that you get the most out of your massage every time is to give feedback. If the treatment wasn’t to your liking, why and how could it have been better? If you loved the treatment, what did you love about it? By providing feedback, the spa can continue doing what you liked and improve on what you didn’t. If you didn’t like your experience, most spas will be grateful for the feedback and often try to make it up to you with a discount or a free do-over of the treatment to give you the experience you were expecting.

At Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa Hotel and Spa we specialise in crafting the spa experience you want. Book today for full body rejuvenation.