A couple’s massage is one of the most popular and romantic Valentine’s Day choices. What better way to celebrate than to relax in a romantic spa setting with your loved one? At Camelot Spa at the SEVEN Villa Hotel, all our rooms are spacious double rooms to specifically cater for these romantic treatments. Luckily, this activity has a few extra benefits for couples that many may not have considered.


Couple’s massage provides genuine quality time 

It can be hard for busy individuals to carve out some quality time with our partners, particularly when digital devices provide a permanent distraction from giving them your full attention. In a recent study by the Pew Research Centre, over 50% of partnered adults in a committed romantic relationship said that their partner is often distracted by their mobile device while they are trying to have a conversation with them. A couple’s massage allows you both to be fully present and enjoy each other’s company without any outside distractions and that’s all one can ask for on Valentine’s Day.


Couple’s massage lowers stress and anxiety 

Stress is a daily fact of life, one that affects our bodies by causing tense, bunched muscles, and our minds by creating anxiety. Often this stress can make it difficult to connect with our partners and distract us when spending time with them. A couple’s massage assists in alleviating tension and reducing anxiety so you can spend time together afterwards in a romantic spa setting feeling relaxed and refreshed.


You will enjoy greater feelings of affection and intimacy 

A little known fact about couple’s massage is that it increases the release of the “love hormone” oxytocin, and if it includes aromatherapy, potentially your “happy hormones” serotonin and dopamine as well. The release of these hormones will lift your spirits and leave you feeling closer to your partner.  At Camelot Spa we like to enhance this through the use of essential oils that relax and revitalise you and provide a beautiful aroma.


You will be able to reconnect and bond 

The novelty of a couple’s massage combined with the unique spa atmosphere that leaves you feeling as though you’re far away from normal life will help you to reconnect. The new environment will help you both to focus on spending time together in the present moment and prevent either of you thinking about the worries of day-to-day life. This in turn will help you to bond over a new experience even after you’ve left the spa.


So why not try something different this Valentine’s Day and spoil your partner (and yourself!) with a romantic couple’s massage. Even better, do it at a discount with our Valentine’s Day specials.