Walking into any spa in 2021, aside from your stress melting away, you are bound to notice a host of differences, from the way the therapists conduct their consultations to the treatments on offer.

Communities world-wide were happy to see the back of 2020, but the pandemic and lockdown left an indelible mark on all industries that are shaping the trends we are seeing in 2021. At Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa Hotel and Spa, we pride ourselves on our extensive research as part of our endeavour to stay at the forefront of innovation as the spa industry develops. We use these insights to form spa specials, treatments, products, and spa packages that meet your current needs and desires and ensure a safe and memorable experience every time. So, what can you expect to see this year?


Massage spas are offering open airy treatment rooms

Due to the danger of the COVID-19 virus spreading in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation, wellness and massage spas are opening up their treatment rooms to allow lots of air flow and where possible, are even conducting their treatments outside (and often by a pool). At Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa Hotel and Spa, our double treatment rooms are both spacious and incredibly airy with double doors opening onto our beautiful verandas which overlook our verdant gardens and flowing water features. Additionally, you can request to have your manis and pedis by the pool while relaxing with a cocktail in hand.


Wellness and massage spas are now offering CBD oil treatments 

Stress and anxiety have risen like never-before (as would be expected during a global pandemic). As a result, wellness and massage spas have had to look outside the normal treatment modes to provide the deep relaxation that clients need in their spa packages. The growing research into CBD (a type of cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant but without the psychoactive THC chemical) has demonstrated great effectiveness in treating and reducing stress and anxiety. This has spurred the creation of massage and facial treatments that integrate CBD oil into their process, either applied topically to the skin or ingested (or even both). At Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa Hotel and Spa, we have developed a full range of CBD spa packages including Signature CBD Massage, a CBD Add-On oil and even a full CBD Wellness Journey that comes with a CBD Booster drink!

Wellness and massage spas are embracing digital administration and consultation

Another result of the pandemic, going digital wherever possible has been a mantra that has been adopted globally across all industries. Safety is increased exponentially with reducing communal stationery in addition to less face time through reduced consultation durations. Wellness and massage spas are doing this through virtual skin consultations and digital consultation forms. At Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa Hotel and Spa, we have taken it a step further and done away with physical treatment menus in favour of scanning a code to download it straight to your phone! (You can also download our menu and request a booking for treatments or spa specials on our website.)


So if you’re looking for a safe, relaxing and unforgettable spa experience with friendly, skilled therapists, book one of our spa specials today.