In the pursuit of glowing smooth skin and a clear complexion, facials are paramount, but should you simply look up the “closest spa near me” or do you look for a specialist/destination spa to give the best care for your skin?

Every spa’s skin experts will recommend that you have a facial every 4-6 weeks to get the maximum benefit from your skin routine. While your daily products are also very important in maintaining your skin’s health and beauty, facials will be able to provide noticeably improved results from the professional products and techniques that you do not have access to at home. Well-trained and experienced skin therapists can eliminate black heads, increase collagen production, delay signs of aging, improve skin elasticity and leave your skin glowing. At Camelot Spa, we pride ourselves on the level of training that we provide our skin care therapists so that you can rest assured that your skin is always in good hands.

Keeping this in mind, how do you choose the location that will give you the results you want?

Here are some tips in choosing the perfect spa to take care of your skin.

A “spa near me” can be ideal for facials (if it’s reputable)

Ultimately the best spa is one that is located close enough to you to make coming to your appointments convenient and easy. Most clients miss their facials because their spa of choice is too far from their work or home which makes it difficult for busy individuals to squeeze it in. It is important that it is a reputable spa however, so make sure that you check their reviews specifically for facials on Google, Hello Peter and social media. Camelot Spa Seven Villa is a spa in Sandton, located conveniently in the heart of the metropolitan area.


Ensure the spa uses a product range compatible with your home care

Your facials should be an extension of your homecare. Ideally your spa of choice should have the skin care range that works for your skin and also sells your home care products so that you can get everything in one place. Mixing skin care products can sometimes lead to breakouts so it’s important that the products you use at home and the ones that are used on you in your facial are compatible.


Ensure the spa and facials are in your price range

Another barrier to regular facials is the price. Ensure that your choice is affordable enough to fit in your budget and will allow you to return every 4-6 weeks for maximum benefits. Expensive destination spas are beautiful and lovely to spend time in but if it puts too much pressure on your pocket rather save those visits for special occasions.


Camelot Spa Seven Villa has a wide range of facials to choose from. We tailor our facials to suit your skin type and concerns and our wide range also allows choices for those on a budget. Contact us to discuss your options or send us a booking request if you’d like to experience our world class facials