Now that Spring has arrived, it’s time for cooler clothes which means that it’s also time to get rid of the Winter fuzz with some waxing or hair removal treatments. Waxing is one of the most popular hair removal treatments as it’s quick, relatively cheap and lasts a reasonable amount of time compared to other hair removal methods.  At Camelot Spa Seven Villa, we believe that the key to a good experience is knowledge and preparation, so we’ve compiled some points to guide you.


For regular waxing, choose a reputable spa near you

The first choice you will need to make when it comes to waxing is which spa you will choose as your designated spa. As you will need to come regularly (between 2-6 weeks depending on the body part and hair growth), it is important that you choose a spa near you. Eventually, it will become inconvenient to travel too far for routine treatments such as hair removal. The other important part of this choice is that the spa must be reputable. This means that the therapists that are skilled in waxing, using the best practice techniques including stringent hygiene measures. At Camelot Spa Seven Villa, we have very strict hygiene measures and regularly do assessments of the therapists’ skills. The product and equipment are also important components to consider as some products are undeniably superior. Certain brands may also react better or worse with your particular hair and skin type. Use Hello Peter and Google to search for a spa’s rating specifically looking for waxing and hair removal experiences.


For your first waxing appointment, tell your therapist that it is your first time

Therapists know that those coming for their first waxing treatment will potentially need more time and slightly more care. This will also serve as a benchmark appointment for your therapist to assess your hair thickness and volume. This will give you a better estimate on how long your waxing appointment will take in the future. In addition, she will be sensitive to your level of privacy and will give you the option of how much coverage you prefer during more intimate waxing sessions.


Exfoliate a day or two before your waxing appointment & don’t apply lotion on the day

At Camelot Spa Seven Villa, we will recommend that you exfoliate a day or two before your waxing appointment with a gentle exfoliator. This will loosen any hair that may be trapped under a layer of dead skin. We also recommend against putting on lotion on the day of your appointment as it acts as a barrier between the wax and your skin so the hair will not be removed as effectively.    


Ensure your skin is clean and free of lesions or active infections

Before your appointment, ensure that your skin is clean and free of lesions or active infections. This is important because waxing can cause infections to spread or cause further injury to lesions. Particularly in intimate areas, its important to ensure that your skin is clean as waxing can leave your skin vulnerable to infections.


With the above points, you can walk into any spa for your waxing appointment with confidence. Above all, always listen to your therapist for aftercare and preparation. She will be able to guide you on the best ways to keep your skin healthy and ensure the best results. At Camelot Spa Seven Villa, we have only the best equipment and skilled friendly therapists to assist you with your waxing appointments. Book today to get ready for the warmer months.