Life can be stressful and sometimes you just need a massage, but as very few people have the earning potential to get them regularly, everyone tends to be on the lookout for affordable massages. Searching for a bargain is always a good idea but often looking for “the cheapest spa near me” can result in an unsatisfactory experience that may have been cheaper, but was still a waste of money. At Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa, we believe that people should be educated on what makes the difference between “affordable” and “cheap and nasty”.


A safe and convenient location is important for “affordable massages”

Looking for the closest “spa near me” online is not necessarily a bad way to start your search. However, it is important to remember that there are a few factors that will indicate whether you will have cheap and unsatisfactory massages or enjoyable and affordable massages. One factor is the location of the spa. It should be in a well-populated area that most people in your town would consider safe. If it is associated with a well-known hotel or is prominently placed in a popular shopping centre with a lot of foot-traffic, that will also speak well to its credibility. Not only is Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa located on the premises of the 5-star SEVEN Villa Hotel and Spa, but we are also a top spa in Sandton.

Before making an appointment, take note of both the pictures of the spa (it should look clean, well-lit, and safe) as well as the most recent reviews of the spa and client’s experiences with massage in particular.


Ensure the spa has trained professionals when booking affordable massages

Another large difference that will determine the quality of your experience will be the staff. You will get an indication of this by the way that the receptionist takes your booking. Do they appear confident, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly? If they seem disinterested, overly familiar, ignorant, or hesitant when making your booking, this can be an indication that the staff are poorly trained and not well managed.

If a spa is associated with a larger brand name, staff are usually required to be trained to particular standards which you can expect and hold them to. Not only is your chance of receiving professional and affordable massages increased by well-trained staff, but in the case of larger brands, should your experience not meet expectations, they will be more likely to ensure that reparations are made, and action is taken to ensure that you leave happy.

As part of the larger Camelot Spa franchise, Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa has a full complement of well-trained and professional spa therapists that will ensure that your experience from start to finish is nothing short of magical.


Safe and good quality products are the hallmark of a reputable establishment

The last factor to consider when booking affordable massages, is the quality and safety of the products that they will be using on your body and skin.  Low quality ingredients can lead to skin reactions and irritations (and other nasty outcomes) which is certainly not the aftermath that you want from a relaxing massage. At reputable spas, not only do they use professional and well-tested products, but they are also knowledgeable of all the ingredients in these products. This means that you can call ahead to ensure that no products used on you contain any known allergens or irritants.

At Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa, we have a client consultation before our massages to ensure that we are aware of any allergies or concerns and adjust your treatment accordingly. Due to our extensive training, all our staff are also knowledgeable of the ingredients in our products.


If you’re looking for affordable and luxurious massages, facials, or other spa treatments at the top spa in Sandton, you can see our range of trending affordable treatments and book online or give us a call and our friendly team will be delighted to assist you.