Many believe that facials and skincare products are an “either or” situation, but in reality, they are best used together as they complement each other to bring out the best in your skin. Facials act like a booster, actively working on your skin concerns with more products containing stronger ingredients. The skincare products that you use at home, work as “skin maintenance”, keeping your skin clean, fresh, and gently correcting your skin concerns daily.

Many people can’t afford a facial every month, however, before purchasing skincare products, having at least one initial facial is highly recommended. At Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa, we believe that education is paramount to putting the power in our clients’ hands, so we have provided detailed reasons as to why this is the case.


Facials assist in defining skin type and conditions

One of the first things that you need to know about your skin before buying skincare products, is your skin type and skin conditions. Your skin type is a collection of properties that defines your permanent skincare needs (you can have one of five skin types). Your skin conditions, on the other hand, are temporary and sometimes changeable conditions of the skin caused by external factors. A professional skincare therapist will perform a skin analysis at the beginning of a facial to determine this. At Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa, we perform a full face-mapping and give you thorough feedback, so you know exactly what is going on with your skin.

Why this is important is that all skincare products, from cleansers to serums, are generally designed for specific skin types and conditions. So, if you didn’t know your skin type but have an oily skin and you buy a cleanser designed for a dry skin, your oily skin will become much oilier. Likewise, if you buy a serum for sensitised skin but your current skin condition is dehydrated, then you are not meeting your skin’s needs with a hydrating product to counteract that.

Once you’ve had your facial, you will be better equipped to choose your skincare products for your specific skin type and concerns, regardless of where you buy them, whether at a spa in Sandton, Cape Town, or anywhere in the world for that matter.


Skincare therapists are knowledgeable about ingredients and skincare products

Another benefit of first going for a facial before purchasing your skincare products is that your skincare therapists have a wealth of information. Many people have allergies to particular ingredients or products. Skincare therapists are the best informed as to which products may contain such ingredients.

Therapists are also aware as to the quality and cost range of different skincare product brands and are well positioned to give you advice for the best options within your price range.

As a top Camelot Spa in Sandton, we perform a full consultation before our facials which includes your allergies, so our therapists will be prepared to recommend only safe, allergen-free products to you after your facial.


You can get detailed instructions of how to use your skincare products

The last reason that facials are so beneficial as your first step before buying your skincare products is that your skincare therapists will be able to give you instructions on how to use your products correctly. Not all products come with instructions or detail which products are to be used first. So, if you used your toner before your cleanser or your moisturiser before your serum, your products won’t be working as effectively as they could be. Many exfoliators have specific instructions and may need the addition of water or require you to leave it on the face for a stipulated amount of time.

Based on your skin type and conditions, your skincare therapist will also be able to tell you how many times a day/week/month that you need to use these products in addition to how much product to use at a time. This means that you will be using your products effectively, economically, and safely.


If you are looking for facials tailored just for you, book with us at Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa, the top spa in Sandton and our friendly skincare therapists will assist in meeting all your needs.